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Personal Transformation High Acceleration

Transform your mindset, See yourself in a new light



Do you feel somewhat stuck?

Do you feel you take a step forward only to end up  moving backwards?

Do you feel the need to boost your self-confidence?

Do you need  to gain clarity?

Welcome to PTHA Coaching. My name is Yasmin Ziada and I am a Personal Transformation High Acceleration Coach.

I work with clients who are committed to change and want to be the best version of themselves. They believe they can achieve anything once they put their mind to it. I look forward to working with you on a deep level where we will go on a journey to discover what is holding you back. 

Areas of Expertise

REBT Mindset Coach, Breakthrough Life Coach, Focus Mastery Life Coach, Handwriting Analyst, Neuroscience for Personal Development and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Practitioner

Personal Transformation High Acceleration (PTHA) is the process of identifying inner blocks limiting growth and unblocking them. Imagine being trapped under a glass ceiling and then given a sledgehammer to break through to discover your true potential. This is what PTHA is all about!

This unique system shows not only traits, but perceptual thinking at a specific moment in time. Think of it as a window to what’s going on in your life; displaying any blocks, stress points and/or any issues that need to be addressed as a priority. As we go through and discuss these points, we will be creating fast shifts and outcomes.



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